First they’ll criticize our slang. Make us seem uneducated for using it, when the reality is they’re mad we can code switch. Then they’ll use our slang mockingly. Like they really don’t want to use it, but it’s so absurd they can’t help themselves. Then they’ll make money off our slang, t-shirts, cups, bracelets, etc. Then they’ll convince us it was never really ours. It’s been public domain forever.

Feel free to replace the word “Slang” with neighborhoods, and music too.

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Anonymous asked:
Hmm...would you like to hear a joke?


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Seeing people on the brink of self destruction is honestly one of the most heartbreaking and scariest things to watch.

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Want more personal/relatable?
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so, i was talking to this young lady who told me that she wouldn’t want to date me because i had black eyes. and that i struck me odd. black eyes? i always thought i had brown eyes. yeah, they were dark, but they would really shine in the sun or under some bright light. did i look like an alien to her or something? being who i am, i wasn’t really bothered by it and she wouldn’t be worth dating if she was buggin’ over something so superficial. 
but then i began got to thinking about others. a lot of celebrities like Rihanna and Michael Ealy got them crazy hazel and blue eyes, and i’ve seen a lot of black people put in contacts to try and imitate the look. my only concern about that is that if you do that, do it because you want to, not because you’re insecure about your looks. be proud of what you have.
whether they be blue, black, green, or grey, your eyes are beautiful the way they are. real talk. 

your eyes are beautiful <3 

she’s retarded.1. your eyes are lovely.2. no one has black eyes… theyre really really dark brown but not black… except in rare extreme cases..
and 3. refer back to 1
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Play it cool boy

Yes brothers!
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I’m stuck between wanting to be an adult, accomplishing a lot, and contributing a lot to society and lying on my floor, ignoring my responsibilities, and crying to sad songs alone in my room.

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Lmao why when wanting to pursue someone , I can’t get off the blocks??

Am I that uninteresting?

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I won’t…

Im tired of being the girl everyone wants to fuck and keep in their life but no one wants to be with…

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